MACO is to become the recognised standard-setting body for the accreditation, certification and qualification of knowledge, skills and competences of Compliance Officers serving in the Maltese financial services sector. It will also act as a single professional industry voice on matters
related to compliance in Malta.

MACO Values are as follow:


Issue papers of interest from time to time such as for example on the Role of Compliance Officers in FinServ in Malta


Upkeep of online forum for members. Open platform for third party training activities.


Update circular to members. Training events (for members and non-members) in collaboration with sponsors.


Issue of position papers/reactions to proposed legislation/regulation. Social events.


MoU with MFSA and MITC. Networking with sister Organisations and Associations. Sponsorship

Membership of MACO will provide you with a wide range of tools and resources to help you achieve your professional goals.

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The mission of MACO is to create professional education and knowledge standards for Compliance Officers serving in the Maltese financial services sector, enrich the professional culture and enhance both Maltese and international relations and alliances.

MACO Mission Statement

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