Rhodri Kettle

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March 21, 2022

Where are we heading with ESG?

We should all be aware of the impact of humankind on our planet: climate change is here, its effects are exponential, and it is causing – and will continue to cause – an existential human crisis. The evidence is plain. …

July 7, 2015

FCA Annual Report: Part 2

As we know the FCA strategic objective is to make markets work well, and to achieve this they have the operational objectives of: Protecting consumers Protecting and enhancing the integrity of the financial systems Promoting competition in the interests of …

July 6, 2015

FCA Annual Report July 2015

The FCA has issued a comprehensive review on its progress over the year including how it has achieved its objectives.  This is a quick overview of how it assesses its performance in discharging its powers as a regulator.  In ICT, …

March 4, 2015

Compliance in Russia

This post has been provided courtesy of ICA