Jonathan Dempsey, MBA

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August 16, 2021

6 ways to mitigate a bad day at the office

Throughout this mini-series, we have explored how compliance faces unprecedented challenges and exciting new opportunities in our rapidly changing, digitising world. So far, we’ve referred to historical context, macroeconomic perspectives, the transition from ‘Baby Boomers’ to #GenZ, the suitability of …

July 19, 2021

Who will be suited to compliance roles in the 2020s?

As we move through the second year of this decade, we can already see signs that the 2020s will be vastly different from the 2010s and unrecognisable in many ways from, say, the 1980s. This is the decade in which …

June 22, 2021

Are compliance officers good board material?

Outside of our profession, a common frame of reference for compliance is the historical context of enforcing rules and regulations – compliance officers as the guardians of policy and process. Through this older lens, asking whether a compliance officer would …

June 1, 2021

Can a compliance team change a culture?

It may seem peculiar to pose this article’s question. After all, compliance teams were developed to ensure that adequate controls were not only in place but remained there; to provide assurances and a stable foundation from which the business could …

March 22, 2021

Is compliance staying the same in a rapidly changing digital world?

‘When I grow up I want to be…’ is a phrase many will probably remember from their childhood. It was a time when jobs were anticipated as a ‘jobs for life’, perhaps following a family tradition. A successful career meant …